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1. What forms of payment do you accept?


PayPal, Credit Card (USA, Canada), Wire transfer, cashier's check or personal check (may delay order).




2. When will you ship my order?


Orders will be shipped within 2 business days after fully cleared payment.




3. Who pays for shipping?


Buyers are responsible for all shipping and customs charges.




4. Which shipping carriers do you use?


USPS and FedEx. We will select the most optimal carrier for your order.




5. Do you ship internationally?


Wholesale Shopping Mode - worldwide shipping;




Dropshipping Shopping Mode - local shipping only.




6. Can I pick up my order?


Yes, under certain circumstances merchandise can be picked up at our location in Los Angeles.




7. Is this item authentic?


All items purchased from us guaranteed to be genuine for the life of the item. If for whatever reason you ever find it to otherwise, you can return it for a full refund or exchange forever.




8. What is your return policy?


All merchandise may be returned in their original, unused condition for a full refund of the purchase price within 14 days from original shipment dispatch date. All returned packages must have tracking numbers and insurance. All shipping and handling costs in connection with returns are the responsibility of the customer.




9. All of your descriptions and titles are in English. Can we have inventory translated?


Yes, we will offer complimentary translation services to loyal customers.




10. How do I upload your pictures and item descriptions to my website?


* Copy and paste into your website manually, or:


* Email us that you are interested in Live Feed Documentation. Once credentials are created our IT team will contact your IT team and together they will allow a direct flow of merchandise from our database to your website.




11. How to export item list to Microsoft Excel?


List of items filtered by your selection can be exported to Microsoft Excel or CSV files. In order to export follow these steps:


* Click on Microsoft Excel icon in top-left corner. Please note that you cannot export more than 5000 items at a time.


* Mark "Include picture thumbnails in exported file" check-box if you would like thumbnails added to the file. Please note that thumbnails can only be exported to the Excel file. (CSV file doesn't support this feature)


* You can set parameters for minimum quantities exported for a particular item by indicating a numeric value in "Minimum available quantity to include in exported file" box. For instance,


if you want to export an item of at least 5 available pieces, please input the number 5.


* In the "Language" drop-down list, you can choose available translation option for your export file. Please note that VividGemz does not guarantee 100% accurate translation for certain words or phrases. Use this option at your own discretion.


* Select either Excel or CSV file format from drop-down list. Please note that if CSV format is selected, download will be archived to ZIP folder.


After successful file export you will receive an email with a direct link to access the file. Exported files will be available to download for 48 hours from the time of creation. You can find the list of items in under "My Account" --> "My Files".


Files older than 48 hours will be deleted automatically.



Important Definitions:


Available for Sale - quantity of items available for sale at the moment. Such orders should be confirmed completely right away.


Contact for availability via Live Chat - if the quantity of a particular item is larger than quantity "Available for Sale" and you would still like to order more, contact our staff via Live Chat to make sure all possible items are saved under your account.


If you'd like to export our entire inventory, please do so under "My Account" by clicking "EXPORT ALL INVENTORY TO CSV" button. Be advised that process might take up to one hour to complete.




12. Do you provide certification for your items?


Yes, each item can be certified by independent gemological laboratory in Los Angeles. Process takes about 4 business days and costs $33.00 per certificate.





13. What are “Made to Order” products?


Same great brand new, uniquely crafted and professionally manufactured jewelry pieces, with slightly longer delivery times of 1 to 3 weeks. These great selections are available in any desired quantities, and best of all - no minimum purchase prices, free domestic shipping.




14. What do I need to qualify for a Dropshipping account?


To qualify for a Dropshipping account you must have a US based address, a valid reseller`s tax ID and a fully operational online store with considerable traffic and sales (in business for at least 6 months).





15. Why some of the brand name items cannot be exported with the inventory file?


Certain brand name items cannot be exported to excel due to various vendor agreements.


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