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Our message

Our message

We have always been thinking about a project that combines many of our goals together and gathers our efforts within one place. We are really enthusiastic for the idea of having our own website that we chose to be an online store but we chose to think out of the box this time and create something new now. It is truly an online store like many people know, but it is not just about selling products for customers and spreading more.

            Our online store is unlike what many people know about online stores. What you will see and buy is not about the latest fashion, not about famous marka, not about importing foreign products and start selling it online.

             Our online store has a greater message to deliver and pure goals to achieve; this store has arisen out of our belief to create a social online community which serves itself and serves the message we want to deliver. We never stopped thinking that there are people who need our services to start marketing for them for free, those people who work from their homes, who spend hours inventing new ideas from their little rooms, those people who spend days searching for tiny little things from all around just to complete their little projects as they exactly want them to be and exactly the same.  Poor people looking for livings and there is just no one to adopt what they can make. Those people as we call “heart of homeland”. We want to bring these talents and industries to the light. We would have forgotten one of our essential goals if our online store was just ordinary as many other online stores but we concentrated on a new concept combined with our dream of a national online store that is helping those kinds of people. What we really want the most is helping people who are trying hard to improve their livings and help their families to rise up with their financial situations as we know many people are going through plenty of hard situations and having hard living. We want to fulfill their needs as much as we can but we don’t give fish, we teach them to gill it. So, we support everyone in need of our help and we give a great push to start marketing for what they can do.

            You will find many stuff in our online store but our concentration is marketing for national industries including small businesses run from the participant’s houses, self-employed businesses, great company’s production as exports.

            We hope that our prices will be as much affordable as we can offer and we hope you will have a great entertainment surfing through our online store and getting what you want.

Have a nice day and God bless you ..


it is not just about gathering points and calculate it to exchange it with our store’s products, it is not just about telling our friends about it and gaining directly profits from it,

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